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What Type of Therapy Service Do I Need?

That can depend on what concerns you initially indicate, as well as new insights along the way. Our shared mission is to help people design well-being in all aspects of life. Whether this is your first time seeking therapy, or if you have been in therapy before, we are here to help you heal, to support balancing, and to promote joy in daily living. We each have unique styles that our interactive and supportive, yet challenging. With a variety of clinical modalities available, we aim to match our services with your unique concerns and wishes - through collaboration and relationship builidng you are in the "driver's seat".

The following service area summaries may guide you in what to ask for. In your first appointment or two, we will get to know each other, explore your story and concerns that led you to seek services, fill out some paper work, and formulate a supportive plan that is uniquely tailored to your therapy goals. 

Individual Therapy
contemplating therapy
couples counseling
family counseling
Individual Therapy


Individual Psychotherapy offers a unique opportunity to explore challenges and concerns in your daily life. It can help you develop greater understanding and insight into your personal and relational challenges. Individual sessions are designed to allow for client-focused interactions and a variety of therapeutic interventions to alleviate symptoms of depression,  anxiety, and general stress.

Couples/Marital Counseling


Couples Counseling is designed to support more positive communication and behaviors between partners. Tensions often arise that interfere with the long term love relationship (LTLR). Intimacy Therapy is implemented to allow the couple to deepen respect and love through self, conflict/communication, and affection intimacy work (in-to-me-see). Spiritual work may also be a component if requested.

*Don't forget to ask about our Relationship/ Marriage Intensives - a special weekend retreat designed to get you back on track quickly.

Family Counseling


During Family sessions, the primary goal is to explore, deal with, and heal from lost or broken pieces of each relationship. A Family Systems approach is most often used to examine how each member differentiates self, fuses or triangulates with others in the family, and how harmony is acheived despite conflict and tensions. Some of the same principles of Intimacy Therapy used with couples are applicable to family systems.

Group Therapy


Group sessions are a powerful, dynamic way to share and be supported by others with similar issues. After all, we all encounter group situations daily – family, work, school, church, or other organized activities. Group sessions are a place to come together to share problems, to increase understanding of your situation, and to support and learn with others. You quickly realize that you are not alone in your experiences. A cohesive group also helps members gain a sense of belonging, acceptance, and shared goals.


*Groups are formed when there are several clients who desire support beyond individual therapy, and who have common concerns where group interaction would be beneficial. (please inquire as we may already have a group that may fit your needs.

Mind & Body Therapy


Therapy is more than just talking; it is about supporting a healthier, balanced lifestyle. 

Integrative Therapy is a well-being concept that emphasizes an alliance between the mind and body. The mind and body are essentialy inseparable. We seek to enhance the mind-body connection through a variety of techniques or concepts that uniquely match supports for each client's needs. In addition to psychotherapy services, this may include meditation, guided visualizaton, exercise, or energy work. 


For example, exercise is an important part of a wellness endeavor. Emerging studies indicate that to resolve or eliminate depression, combining exercise with therapy is often more beneficial than combining antidepressants with therapy.

Seasonally, you can schedule a “walk and talk” session to explore the benefits of exercise in the therapeutic process. 

Therapy On The Greens


If you are used to doing business on the golf course, or maybe just enjoying a round on the beautiful landscape of a golf course, "Therapy on the Greens" is just for you! We can schedule an extended session with a golf appointment. Many are able to do powerful thinking in this environment. While we use the phrase "Therapy on the Greens"; most clients are actually Positive Design Coaching clients. We certainly are not golf pros (and probably won't do much coaching for your slice), but we do have fun sharing our expertise in a fun way through golf. 


Call us to learn more about scheduling a dedicated or small group session.

therapy on the greens - golf
mind & body therapy
group therapy
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