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Desire a Life YOU Love? Mind, Body, & Spirit?
We Have A Way To Get You There.


(*Offerred Online & In-person)

Professional Coaching is an ongoing relationship with healthy clients to produce extraordinary results in life, career, business or even organizations. Through the positive design process, you deepen your awareness of strengths and areas for growth, improve your performance, and enhance your quality of life.


Positive Design Coaching concentrates on where clients want to be in the future, and then on planning backwards to where they are now. This creates an authentic, unique, and well-designed success path. 

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Psychotherapy - also known as talk therapy, therapy, or counseling is a process where we help you deal with and heal from present issues or unresolved issues in your life. Generally speaking, psychotherapy is used to assess mental health concerns and to intervene in situations that cause significant distress in life.


Psychotherapy is typically focused on symptom relief goals 

collaborated on in early treatment sessions. There are many methods of treatment that can be used, and we seek to match the best technique given your concerns.

Performance Coaching

What do the most successful athletes possess beyond skill?

It's Mental Agility, Resilience, and Confidence - a Championship Mindset - that makes the difference! When you study elite athletes (pros, Olympic, major collegiate, even elite, young athletes) you will find that their nutrition, conditioning, and sport-specific training are comparable.


Champion By Design coaching supports the focus needed to develop peak performance through overcoming mental limitations more so than physical limitations.  

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Independent providers specializing in psychotherapy and coaching.

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